founders story

Born in India, living in Hong Kong, Janjri Trivedi has extensive experience of working with Indian textiles. She feels strongly about wasteful paper packaging and in 2003 founded ‘re-wrap’ which produces re-usable cotton products for export from India. She has been deeply inspired by the Japanese ‘Furoshiki’ concept for over 10 years. A recent trip to Japan revived the idea with the development of ‘knotpaper’, a range of organic hand-printed fabric gift wraps. The idea to have them produced by a disadvantaged co-operative in southern India proved greatly fulfilling. Ultimately this concept will be in keeping with Janjri’s philosophy of preserving a heritage that is environmentally sustainable and socially responsible.

With the help of design duo, Pop&Zebra, ‘knotpaper’ has developed from concept to brand. They have been instrumental in creating the brand’s identity and have designed the gorgeous prints for our first range.


‘When you re-use you not only value & treasure but breathe new life into it’ Janjri Trivedi, founder knotpaper